Driving School Glenmore Park

Enrolling in a driving school is a great way of developing your driving skills. In order to maximise the learning experience, you need a qualified instructor.

Below are some tips to ensure you have a fun, comfortable and safe driving lesson.

  • BOOK LESSONS AT A TIME CONVENIENT FOR YOU. It is important to remember that every hour counts when taking driving lessons. Book your lessons at a time when you are most focused and alert.
  • DRESS COMFY. When driving, you need to be as comfortable as possible to avoid distractions. Student drivers often find it hard to move with tight fitted clothing. Some may feel uncomfortable stepping on the pedal while wearing thick soles or high heeled shoes. It is recommended to use runners or flat shoes. On a sunny day, wear a pair of UV-protected sunglasses.
  • LEARN THE BASIC CAR FUNCTIONS. It’s good to have a head start by learning the basic car functions yourself. While driving instructors will teach you these things, having basic pre-knowledge will help you to learn faster and will give you more time for hands-on driving.
  • GET PLENTY OF REST. Before your scheduled driving session, getting plenty of rest will give you enough energy and alertness to gain the most out of the lesson.
  • BE ATTENTIVE. Driving school instructors are professionals and you will learn a lot from their experience & techniques for driving on the road. During your lesson, remove any distraction such as your mobile phone or music. Keep your eyes on the road and listen carefully to instructions.
  • PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Perfection is achieved by practicing. Frequent practice with supervision will help you become a better driver in the process.

It’s amazing how these little efforts can actually make a better driver out of you.

SKS Driving School Glenmore Park driving instructors teach driving techniques for safer and efficient driving. Talk to our driving instructors on 0414 553 000 or visit www.sksdrivingschool.com.au.


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