Driving School Hawkesbury

It’s normal for learners to feel apprehensive, especially if it’s their first time behind the wheel.

Knowing what to expect on your driving lesson will help you keep your cool as you start learning to drive. Here are some tips from SKS Driving School Hawkesbury on what to expect on your first driving lesson:

1) Safety Basics

The orientation usually includes introduction to safety measures. The driving instructor or driving school will give you guidelines on what to wear, what to bring and what to do during your first lesson. This includes the proper way of starting a car, buckling your seatbelt and hand placement on the wheel.

Make sure you try to relax, so you can focus and enjoy your lesson. It’s normal to be scared if it’s the first time you’re in control of a car. Remember, your instructor will have dual control of the car during the lesson.

2) The Controls

The lesson will start with a short intro to how a car works. Your driving instructor will teach you vehicle controls, cockpit drills, car mirror adjustments, steering the wheel, how to change gears, use of the hand break, how to start and stop, and more.

Ask the instructor to repeat anything you do not understand so you have a clear understanding of what you need to know.

3) Driving the Car

You will be taken through small roads so you can practice operating the clutch and changing gears, as well as left and right turns. Learners do not carry out any maneuvers until they are good with clutch control and driving on regular roads.


For a fun driving school in the Hawkesbury, Penrith and Glenmore Park call SKS Driving School. Our friendly instructors will happily teach you advanced and safe driving techniques so you will be an efficient driver for life. Book your lessons on 0414 553 000 or visit www.sksdrivingschool.com.au.

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