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Every year, the number of car crashes involving teens is increasing. It only makes sense to worry and take extra precautions when teaching your teens to drive.

The safety of your teenager is obviously your first priority. However, for some parents, teaching their teens to drive safely and responsibly can be challenging. Here are some practical tips will help you encourage your teen become a responsible driver.

1)    Enroll your teen in a driving school

Investing in a driving course is a convenient way in helping your teens develop their driving skills. Driving instructors are skilled and experienced in teaching students about road rules and advanced driving skills. In fact, SKS Driving School Glenmore Park instructors agree that taking a formal driving course reinforces teens to practice responsible and safe driving.

2)    Invest in a safe car for your teen driver

Driving instructors advise parents to get the “right” car for their teens. The right car doesn’t have to be a new model or a hand-me-down. Look for cars with the latest safety features, such as electronic stability control and side-curtain air bags.

3)    Set a good example

Teen drivers learn by example so be a responsible driver yourself. Drive safely, buckle up and avoid any distractions including texting or eating while driving.

4)    Set some rules

Set standards on how teens use the car. This include prohibiting drink-and-driving, restricting night driving, setting a curfew, following road rules, and reminding your teen to always buckle up.

5)    Restrict passengers

Do not allow your teens to carry passengers without your supervision. Teen drivers are often distracted when there are passengers aboard. In fact, the risk of a teen driver being involved in an accident increases as more passengers are inside.

Parents play an important role in keeping teens safe. It is great to discuss safety issues with your teens before they get behind the wheel.

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